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Post by babylon98 on Sun Nov 06, 2016 5:13 pm

So we all know Payton when he made his apps, Good times. Well i want to tell you all what happend Yesterday, Jeb/Dildo Already knows what happend, and i just have to talk about shit like this (ITS YOUR BOY KILLER KEEMSTAR HERE LETS GET ROIIIIIIGHT INTO THE NEWS) And so he gets on and i say "AYYY PAYTON MY boy!" and then fucking hell man the minges get guns from him and he goes on a RdM fest, Then payton Says this "This serer is Dogshit anyway right? So im helping you guys get out of the gutter." "]SRG[ealsakhria: Has Banned Payton for 15000000+e404343234523 Hours: "You dont fucking come on the server act like a new kid when you already have your shit, and then give the minges guns. and then RDM, our best players. Fuck off Bitch. Dont bother appealing. ]SRG[ealsakhria" And then the shitfest died out because payton the tumor is gone
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