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<|| Field Guide ||>

1 Kevlar Vest, protection from standardised firearms rounds.
1 Flak Jacket, vulcanized rubber.
1 Slacks, made from polyester
1 Hardened plastic mask, provides protection from gas and bacteria and includes a vo-coder.
1 Vulcanized rubber gloves
1 Vulcanized rubber boots, with steel toe reinforcement.

1 Divisional armband, which includes your Division's logo and colour.
1 Rank badge, which includes your rank, medal be awarded for distinguished service.

1 Datapad, allowing access to the Citizen Manifest and individual information which can be edited.
1 Saw-toothed combat blade.

Civil Protection ranks and the Divisonal System

Recruit (RCT) - A newly-signed Unit who is undergoing Basic Training. Rarely seen outside with Nexus, and if so, with an Officer.

Enlisted (05-01) - Enlisted Units form the backbone of the CCA, and are commonly seen patrolling in groups of two, if not more.

Elite Protection Unit (EpU) - Enlisted Units promoted for their outstanding performance. They have a superior uniform and protective system.

Officer (OfC) - Officers are the Commanding Units of the CCA. They deal with the day-to-day activites within the CCA.

Divisional Leader (DvL) Each Divison is led by a DvL. They are very high ranking, and should be treated with utmost respect.

Commander (CmD) The Sectorial Commander's most trusted unit, has authority over Overwatch, Airwatch and the CCACC and plays the role of the SeC when he is not present. He is the SeC's right hand man.

Sectorial Commander (SeC) The leader of all the Metro Police in a given Sector.

CORE - The bulk of the CCA, They are the only Division to include Officers. All CCA Units are trained by the CORE Officers, CORE DvL or Above . CORE deal with the day-to-day activites of the City. They are the most numerous Division.

HELIX - The medical Divison. They provide their medical abilites to other CCA Units and priorities.

NOVA - The technical Division. They provide the CCA with scanners, and repair and maintain Nexus and Universal Union properties. It's sub department is the NOVA CityWatch scanners.

GHOST - The Recon and Spec Ops Division. They have access to sniper rifles and outposts.

It should be noted that a Commanding Unit (OfC+) has command over all Enlisted Units, regardless of what Division they are in. So, for instance, a EXODUS Officer may order a NOVA 03, or a NOVA Divisional Leader may order a HELIX 01.

The Citizen Loyalty System

Each and every member of the Civil Populace belongs to a certain civilised order.

Loyalty Medal Holder - The highest reward a Citizen can achieve.
Civil Worker's Union member - Loyalists who take a more direct route in helping the CCA with manual tasks. They are allowed non-standard clothing.
Loyalist - A Citizen who has proven his or her loyalty to the Union, often recognized by a orange Loyalism armband.
Citizen - The bulk of the populace belong this group, they show neither loyalty nor disrespect.
Rebellious Citizen - A citizen who openly opposes the CCA and UU authorities.
Anti-Citizen - An individual who has had their citizen status revoked. Detain, or possibly execute, on sight.
Anti-Citizen One - The largest threat to Civilised Society at the given moment.

Standard Codes and Terminologies

10-0 Use Caution
10-1 Responding (Use this when you're called and decide to go to the 10-20 you're needed.)
10-2 At 10-20 (When you reached the location you were needed at.)
10-3 Negative / No.
10-4 Copy / Okay / Understood.
10-5 Repeat / Repeat transmission.
10-6 Stand by.
10-7 Off-service.
10-8 In-service.
10-9 Suspect lost or died. (10-17 after this, example; 10-8, 10-17: Brown hair, ...; Or: 10-8, The suspect responsible for the murder at..)
10-10 Activity update. (Tell your status, your health, your location, your current task, what you're going to do next (opctional), where you're going next (Optional), if you need backup (optional).)
10-11 Report to 10-20 (Replace 10-20 with a location if needed)
10-12 Need backup.
10-13 Officer down.
10-15 Requesting Elite Unit
10-17 Description of suspect.
10-18 ASAP (As Soon As Possible)
10-20 Your location
10-22 Disregard Transmission
10-23 Stand by at ____.
10-29 Check for contraband
10-30 Patrolling (Citywide, Or a district)
10-31 Return to Nexus
10-33 No need for backup.
10-40 Low Level Contraband.
10-50 Murder.
10-60 Requesting amputation for (followed by the description and / or location of the citizen or anti-citizen to amputate.
10-69 Requesting Elite Team.
10-99 Assignment complete / Verdict Administered
10-103 Disturbance
10-106 Obscenity
10-107 Suspicious person
10-107M Subject is mentally unfit
10-151 Requesting Overwatch Unit
10-152 Requesting Airwatch
10-153 Requesting Parasitic Flooding (Followed by the 10-20 they're needed).
10-154 Requesting Manhack Flooding (Followed by the 10-20 they're needed).
10-301 Sweeping(Slums, slums' area, or structure.)
10-302 Guarding(Checkpoint, Hardpoint, Structure.)
10-401 Mid Level Contraband.
10-402 High Level Contraband.
10-403 Contraband Distribution.
11-1 Request Medical assistance
11-3 Stalker
11-20 Unauthorized public gathering
11-70 Riot
11-99 Officer requires immediate assistance! / EMERGENCY
RIPCORD - Return to Nexus
DB - Corpse found
BOLO - Be on the lookout
ASAP - As soon as possible
UTL - Unable to locate
UPI - Unknown Person of Interest
PI - Person of Interest
B.F.O - Base of forward operations
ETA - Estimated Time Arrival
A.V.T -Airwatch Visual Tracking
CCACC - Combine Civil Authority Central Command

Administer - To "administer" a beating
Amputate - Execute quickly and effectively
Anti-Citizen - See "Citizen Loyalty System"
Bio-Signal - A device that displays a Unit's current physical status
Biotic - An intelligent form of alien life, such as a Vortigaunt
Breach - To forcefully enter an area, used interchangeably with inject
Clamp - Denie access to an entrance, usually a door, often via means of Universal Union Combine Lock
Contact - Hostiles sighted
Contraband - Illegal goods
Isolate - To break up Citizen gatherings
Diagnose - Determine the level of threat
Exogen - Insectile alien species, antlion
Inject - To forcefully enter an area, used interchangeably with breach
Necrotic - A person under the control of a parisitic Xen species, headcrab
Parasite - Paristic Xen species, headcrab. Other species include virome, fast headcrab, poision headcrab

Criminal and Anti-Civil activities

Running or jumping, any uncivillized way of self-transportation
Audio-violations, including swearing or derogatory comment on a Union Offical or the Union itself
Non-standard clothing, items not issued by the CCA or UU
Civil Inaction, Failure to notify the CCA of uncivil activites
Assault, Assault on a Citizen or CCA Unit
UPA, Unlawful pro-creative activities

Anti-Union proaganda, the act of posting of, or being in possesion of, distasteful propaganda
Class B vandalisim, damaging property, such as stores
Intoxication, Intoxication from alcoholic beverages, and possesion of alcohol
Armed Assault, Assault with a melee weapon

Class A vandalisim, damaging Union property, such as scanners
Indentification Failure, failure to attend a Block Indentification Check
Civil Misconduct, distributing contraband throughout the Civillian Populace
Unlawful Amputation, attempted, threatened or actual amputation of a CCA Unit or Civillian

Political Assasination, attempted, threatened or actual amputation of a City Administrator
Breach of City Safety, attempted, threatened or actual creation of entrances into and out of the City

In addidition, illegal goods, also known as contraband, belong to a grade.

Unauthorized Foodstuffs, Edibles such as melons, chinese takeaway, and canned beans
Unauthorized Beverages, Beverages such as bottled water and soda
Non-Standard Clothing, items of clothing other than the standard Citizen uniform, including jackets, hats, etc.
Paracetamol, a simple painkiller. Note that if the person in possesion has a medical licence or a written perscription it is allowed
Steroids, simple steroids. Note that if the person in possesion has a medical licence or a written perscription it is allowed
Anti-Depressants, simple anti-depressants. Note that if the person in possesion has a medical licence or a written perscription it is allowed

Unauthorized Writings, Any book other than the Zen of the Union or Human Anatomy Leaflet.
Unauthorized Alcoholic Beverages, Beverages such as beer and water
Propaganda, Anti-Union propaganda
Unauthorized Technology, Anti-Union propaganda
Medical Vials, Universal Union Bio-gel containers

Communications Technology, Handheld and Stationary radios, and unauthorized Request Devices
Unauthorized Weaponry Weapons such as axes, hammers, bats and crowbars
Mechanical Devices Any device other than a single small TV monitor
Union Zipties Ties that are used by the CCA to search and detain Citizens
Firearms ammunition Ammunition for any weapon
Resistance Uniforms A uniform worn by various Anti-Citizens

Unauthorized Light Firearms Pistols that use a standard 9mm round, and flash and smoke grenades
Unauthorized Medium Firearms Common weaponry such as MP7s and pistols that use a round other than a standard 9mm round
Unauthorized Heavy Firearms Rarer weaponry such as sniper rifles, M4A1s and AK47's
Unauthorized Super-Heavy Firearms Weaponry such as RPGs and the OTA AR2
Nova Prospekt Codes A code book used by the Nova Prospekt Wardens
Combine Lock A lock that can be activated by CCA, OTA, or UU members
CCA Datapad/PDA A PDA containing information on the Citizens, and City, as well as other CCA Units

CityWatch Uplink A direct feed to the CityWatch
Union Vehicles Possesion of any CCA/OTA vehicle, such as an APC

Civil Offences and Punishments

Authorised by Sectorial Commander 07065 of City 18

Level 1
Any other minor un-civil acts.
Punishment: Warning and/or light beating. Continuous acts will be classed as Level 2.

Level 2
Level 2 contraband (Extra ration(s), Flashlight (without permit), Unauthorized books etc).
Audio Violation (Vulgar or otherwise foul language).
Wasting an officer's time.
Speaking in an unofficial language.
Punishment: Detainment for 1 cycle (5 minutes) and confiscation of any contraband. (+1/2 points)

Level 3
Sharing a room without a permit.
Level 3 contraband (Unauthorized technology, such as radios and minor UU equipment)
Failure to apply.
Failure to co-operate with CCA and UU officials.

Punishment: Detainment for 2 cycles (10 minutes) and possible interrogation if found with contraband. Contraband confiscated and inspected by NOVA. (+4 points)

Level 4

Level 4 contraband (Ammunition for firearm, Advance UU technology).
Tampering with unconsious or terminated citizens.
Resisting arrest.
Suspected spreading of Anti-UU propaganda (Immediate interrogation/torture)
Carrying out major uncivil acts (Sex etc)

Punishment: Detainment for 3 cycles. Interrogation. All contraband is confiscated and checked by NOVA. Report directly to Sectorial Commander after contraband analysis. (+6 points)

Level 5

Level 5 contraband ( Firearms, Explosives)
Assaulting a CCA unit.
Disregarding judgement waiver.
Lying in an interrogation.
Holding other citizens hostage.
Spreading anti-UU propaganda.

Punishment: Confiscation of all contraband. Interrogation/torture. Detainment for 4 cycles (20 minutes). Report directly to Sectorial Commander.

Level 6

Assaulting an OfC/DvL or higher.
Caught attempting to use a firearm or explosives.
Recruiting citizens into anti-UU groups
Plotting treason, assassination or other high terrorist acts

Punishment: Immediate torture and interrogation. Permanent detainment until sufficient information is extracted. Possible deportation to Nova Prospekt. Termination after torture/interrogation.
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